In Downhill racing you only have a few minutes to make your day. This is no place for heavy, sluggish freeride sleds or half baked linkage curves; Only a purpose built downhill bike puts you within reach of the podium. Building upon 8 years of DHR geometry excellence this race bike will have you railing corners and gaining speed when others are feathering their brakes.


Using the newest version of the World Championship proven dw-link, this bike will out accelerate every other design on the race course. With the patented anti-squat technology the rear suspension won’t lock out under power, allowing the rear tire to hook up while you rip out of corners.


Travel::. 8.3in [ 210mm ]
Class::. Worldcup DH Race

Building upon 10 years of DHR geometry, this race bike will have you railing corners and gaining speed when others are feathering their brakes.


Ultimate Efficiency:
Simultaneously engineered anti-squat and wheel rate curves are the mathematical formulas that make the dw-link the world’s most efficient and traction-aiding suspension system.

Position Sensitive Anti-Squat:
Newton’s 3rd law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When a vehicle accelerates, the reaction is that its mass is transferred rearward. dw-link’s patented position sensitive anti-squat perfectly balances this rearward mass transfer, increasing efficiency, traction, and bump sensitivity, and eliminating pedal feedback.

Wheel Rate:
Each dw-link frame is engineered for an optimum wheel rate and to work for a specific use with a specific spring and vdamper. Unlike other suspension systems, dw-link’s does not rely on pedaling platform type dampers, giving the best bump absorption and traction of any suspension available today. Advanced riders use these traits to pump terrain in the trail and add momentum.

Braking Stability:
The dw-link suspension projects its instant center to an ideal location, achieving a balance of traction and stability under hard braking that is unmatched by other suspensions.

Least Pedal Feedback:
Perception of pedal feedback on a bicycle is a manifes- tation of rapid chainstay length change and gearing effects. dw-link uses a smooth and positive chainstay lengthening effect to offset negative gearing effects. This results in a smooth ride with imperceptible pedal feedback over the entire gear range.

Amazing Traction:
As the dw-link suspension reacts to obstacles, its position sensitive axle path intelligently changes to meet the demands of the trail. In the beginning of the travel, its rearward profile gives
incredible small bump absorption and traction on theclimbs. In the middle of the travel, the dw-link axle path works with the front suspension to provide a balanced feel for amazing cornering confidence and jumping ability. The end of the travel provides an increase in compression damping for bottomless suspension feel and big hit absorption.

Structural Superiority:
dw-link uses short, stiff links, and a triangulated rear swingarm. This unique layout aligns suspension forces in the most efficient manner possible to enable frame designs with industry leading strength-to-weight ratios and stiffness. This structural advantage lets dw-link riders put down power more efficiently and track straight in the bumps where others veer off course


Anodized Green Finish
Anodized Black Finish
Raw Finish